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SD/MicroSD Memory Card Solution


INNOASIC¡¯s SD/MicroSD Memory Card Solution is support a wide range of portable low power application such as the Mobile Phone, PDA, Smart Phone, Digital Camera, MP3, Game, etc. and Consumer application such as the LCD TV, PDP, Digital Video Camera, Settopbox, Printer, etc. and Wireless application such as the WiFi, UWB, ZigBee, GPS, RFID, etc. and Home Network application such as the Security System, etc. and Automotive application such as the Card Navigation, Car DVR, Car CCTV, etc.

INNOASIC¡¯s SD/MicroSD Memory Card Solution is support SD Memory mode only.

INNOASIC¡¯s SD/MicroSD Memory Card Solution is support SD2.0 Specification.

INNOASIC¡¯s SD/MicroSD Memory Card Solution is can be integration with SD Controller and NAND Flash memory.


General Features

  •  Compatible SD/SDIO specification 2.0 with 1 and 4bit data transfer
  •  Support SD and SPI mode
  •  Support for both standard capacity and high capacity(SDHC) memory cards
  •  Support high speed mode up to maximum transfer rate of 25Mbyte/sec
  •  Support maximum block size up to 2048bytes
  •  Support host clock up to 50Mhz
  •  Hardware CRC generation and dection
  •  Cyclic Redundancy check CRC7 for Command and CRC16 for data integrity
  •  Support large block NAND and MLC type flash memory devices
  •  Multiple symbol random error detection and correct
  •  3.3V Operation Voltage


General Applications

  •   Wired and Wireless applications
  •  Mobile and Broadcasting applications
  •  Portable multimedia applications
  •  Consumer electronics applications
  •  Home networking applications
  •   Internet applications
  •  Entertainment applications
  •  Industrial system applications
  •  Automotive applications


Architecture of SD/MicroSD Memory Card


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