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SD(Secure Digital) Card Solution

SD Technology Overview

SD memory cards are an innovative, always evolving bridge media powering the future of the digital world. SD memory cards deliver high-performance products that allow consumers to quickly capture video, photos, and sound in a reliable, easy-to-use format.

SD technology is the de-facto industry standard for mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 music players, personal computers, printers, car navigation systems, electronic books, and other consumer electronic devices. SD technology is used in some 400 products across dozens of product categories and in more than 8,000 models

SD memory cards are available in standard and high-capacity(SDHC) formats along with a variety of speed classes. A next-generation SD memory card specification, SDXC(eXtended Capacity), will soon be released to SD Association members who will create cards and devices that support its greater memory capacity and faster performance speeds. The cards have the broad interoperability and compatibility needed to ensure that its applications will continue to expand far into the future.

SD memory card family.

  •  SD and SDHC(High-Capacity)
  •  MiniSD and MiniSDHC(High-Capacity)
  •  MicroSD and MicroSDHC(High-Capacity)
  •  SDXC(eXtended Capacity)
  •  SDIO


1.SD/MicroSD Memory Card Solution

2.SD/MicroSD Wireless Card Solution

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