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Pipeline SDRAM Controller

The pipeline SDRAM controller is a high performance SDRAM controller designed for transferring data to and from any industry standard SDRAMs or PC100/133 SDRAM DIMMs at the highest possible data rate. It supports column-only access in during page hit and pipeline access to overlap address and data transfer.


DDR SDRAM Controller

The DDR SDRAM controller interfaces between DDR SDRAM and user logic. It supports all industrial standard SDRAM organizations, ranging from 64Mbit to 256Mbit devices, and from X4 data width to X32 data width.


DDR2 SDRAM Controller

The DDR2 SDRAM controller interfaces between DDR/DDR2 SDRAM and user logic. It supports all industrial standard DDR/DDR2 SDRAM, ranging from 64Mbit to 2 Gigabit devices, and from X4 data width to X16 data width.


NAND Flash Controller

The NAND Flash controller provides an easy interface for user to access NAND Flash devices simply by reading and writing control registers inside the EP501. It supports optional error correction code (ECC) that performs single-bit error correction and double-bit error detection.


Flash/ROMSRAM Controller

The Flash/ROM/SRAM controller core allows two or more access ports to share memory access to the FLASH, ROM and SRAM devices. The core automatically arbitrates between the two access ports so each can access memory independently.




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