OKI Electric Industry Selects Eureka Technology 4-Lane PCI Express IP Core




LOS ALTOS, California, February 1, 2007- Eureka Technology Inc., a leading intellectual property (IP) core provider, today announced OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan has selected and successfully implemented the 4-Lane PCI Express IP core from Eureka Technology for its product development. The PCI Express IP core is implemented both in ASIC as well as in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices.


"It is exciting to stay in the cutting edge of technologies by developing products with the highest performance peripheral connectivity,"said Yasuhiko Shimizu, Project Manager of OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd. "The use of 4-lane PCI Express controller IP core from Eureka Technology helps us develop products quickly and greatly reduces our development cost. We have licensed several IP cores from Eureka Technology in the past and we are very pleased with the qualities and the results."


"The licensing demonstrates the many benefits of using high quality IP cores, such as reduction in design time, risk, and cost," said Simon Lau, president of Eureka Technology. "Our customers benefit from having a real turnkey solution and smooth migration to PCI Express by using our silicon proven IP cores."


Eureka successfully demonstrated its PCI Express IP core at the PCI-SIG Compliance Workshops and passed all PCI Express compliance testing. The results are certified by PCI-SIG and incorporated into the PCI-SIG integrators list. A hardware development board for PCI Express is also available from Eureka Technology.


The Eureka PCI Express Controller Core includes the Transaction Layer, Data Link Layer and Physical Layer of the PCI Express Specification. It conforms to the latest PCI Express revision and supports industrial standard PIPE interface for on-chip PHY core and external PHY chips. With technology independent design methodologies, Eurekas PCI Express Controller Core can be implemented virtually in all ASIC and FPGA technologies available today.

While supporting the latest PCI-Express standard, the core shares the same user interface as existing PCI and PCI-X controller core, ensuring an easy migration for customers to PCI Express standard. The common user interface also allows the PCI Express Controller Core to be integrated easily with Eurekas other proven IP cores such as system controller and MemConnect memory controller. For more information about the PCI Express controller core, please visit  http://www.eurekatech.com/products/pci/ 


About OKI Electric Co., Ltd.


The people of OKI, true to the companys enterprising spirit, are committed to creating superior network solution and providing excellent information and communications services globally to meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide in the information age.



About Eureka Technology 


Eureka Technology Inc. is a leading intellectual property (IP) provider for ASIC, FPGA and system designers. The company specializes in the integration and customization of standard IP core to meet customer requirements. Eureka offers a wide range of silicon proven system core logic and peripheral function cores for different CPU and bus standards including AMBA AHB?

PCI?PCI-X? PCI Express? Cardbus? SDR/DDR SDRAM, NAND Flash, SD, SDIO?

CompactFlash?and PCMCIA? These IP cores are designed to improve the design time-to-market, eliminate design risks, and reduce development costs for System-on-chip (SoC) designs. Located in Silicon Valley, California, Eureka Technology has pioneered the use of IP cores as a standard methodology in IC design and has licensed hundreds of IP cores to many leading companies in the semiconductor and electronic industries. With customer base in the US, Europe, Japan and other parts of Asia, the company has built many long term business relationships with its customers after their initial successes. Additional information is available at http://www.eurekatech.com or by email to info@eurekatech.com.