Configurable DSP pioneer expands reach into key market segment

SEOUL, South Korea – May 8, 2006 – Improv Systems, a pioneer in the development of configurable DSP solutions, and INNOASIC, a leading distributor of semiconductors and semiconductor intellectual property (IP), today announced its expansion into the Korean market by forming a distribution agreement with INNOASIC to provide sales, marketing and technical support for Improv Systems in the Korea, opening this dynamic market to the innovative capabilities Improvs solutions deliver.


Improv offers a complete suite of applications and solutions based around its popular Jazz DSP core, a highly configurable, multiprocessor architecture that is well suited for todays demanding consumer, multimedia and mobile communications applications. Rather than a fixed processor and instruction set, the Jazz DSP is used to create designer-defined DSP cores - Jazz DSPs that are customized by the designer for their specific product or application domain. The Jazz DSP is a very long instruction word (VLIW) architecture that provides high performance through parallel execution of operations.


The Improv technology is an ideal match for the needs of many electronic developers in the Korean market thanks to both its performance and its flexibility. We are confident that with this innovative technology, combined with our local expertise, we can help expand the reach of Improv into this regions high-growth sectors, said Thomas Yoon, President of INNOASIC.


In addition to sales and technical support, INNOASIC has a design services team which will be trained on the design methodologies enabled by Improvs solution. Improv offers a robust set of hardware and software design tools optimized for implementing its Jazz DSP technology, as well as a series of applications solution kits tuned to the needs of specific design requirements in areas such as media processing, voice over IP (VoIP) and telecom networking.


Having an experienced and talented partner like INNOASIC will help accelerate our penetration into the Korean market, which we feel holds vast potential for our DSP technology. Were looking for INNOASIC to replicate the success and adoption we have seen in other parts of the world, and deliver a locally-optimized solution to customers in Korea, said Bryan Greear, VP of Sales at Improv.




INNOASIC was founded in 2005 and is a leading supplier of IP and semiconductors to electronics, communications and industrial companies and R&D centers. The company also provides ASIC & FPGA design service to its customers.


About Improv Systems, Inc.

Improv Systems, Inc. develops and licenses the Jazz PSA  platforms featuring the Jazz DSP and application solution kits for Voice-over-IP, Networking and Multi-Media. Improvs Jazz DSP is a configurable DSP that allows designers to create optimized DSP cores targeted to consumer electronics and telecommunications markets. For more information, please visit




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